Rash Sweden welcomes you to a unique experience of scented candles in 100% soy wax. Our focus on soy wax as a raw material is a central part of our vision. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully selected to ensure that our candles are not only beautiful but also kind to nature.

Each candle is created with great care and expertise to give you a luxurious experience that exceeds your expectations.

We believe that a candle can be more than a source of light – it can tell a story, create an atmosphere and bring people together. Our candles not only offer a long and even burning time, but they also emit a mild and pleasant fragrance that gives the room a warm and inviting feeling.

Invite us to your memories and let us contribute with peace and joy in your life.

We invite you to discover the innovative world of Rash Sweden products. Let’s together embrace the most important symbol of the coziness factor and create a better tomorrow, one candle at a time.

Welcome to Rash Sweden – where innovation meets elegance and where light becomes an art form.


Our matchboxes transcend the conventional and introduce a new era of design and utility. In a world where design meets utility, these matchboxes are revolutionary. This is the future of matchbox


There are many advantages to using a candle extinguisher to extinguish candles over other methods such as blowing or using your fingers.

  • Safety
  • Minimal smoke & soot
  • Preserves fragrance
  • Prevents wax spatter
  • Gentle extinguishing
  • Maintains the shape of the wick
  • Longer lifetime of light
  • Elegance & tradition

Basically, a candle extinguisher ensures a safe and efficient extinguishing of light but also adds a touch of elegance to your home.


The main purpose of a candle trimmer is to cut and shape the wick of the candle to the correct length before it is lit, to promote optimal and safe burning of the candle.

  • Improved burning time
  • Reduced soot & smoke
  • Evener combustion
  • Safety
  • Improved light quality

Simple tool that can make a noticeable difference in your lighting experience.